Innovating and creating award winning offset programs

Cleaner Climate is a specialist carbon offset consultancy providing cutting edge carbon offset CSR programs for large corporate and clean energy carbon project design & development in South East Asia.

Incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2006 and with local offices in Australia, Cambodia, South Africa and Thailand, Cleaner Climate has become recognised as one of South East Asia’s foremost advisors on voluntary project development and Australia’s forefront leader on creative offset solutions for the retail travel industry.

Our international offset programs with the global surf brand Billabong and the national rugby team of South Africa, The Springboks, received parliamentary recognition while our Australian based initiatives have enabled our Australian clients to win awards such as The Environmental Innovation Award, QBIC and Winner of the Australian Business Award for Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

With over 1,000,000t/CO2 offset to date, Cleaner Climate continues to be dedicated to creating and commissioning offset projects and programs to reduce the effects of climate change and empower real and sustainable social change.